About us


Ni hao! I'm Niohuru X aka VampireChinese, the spiritual essence behind Nuwa1997.

Nuwa1997 is my wearable art collection, a reflection of my signature twisted beauty & hardcore glam aesthetics. Embracing radical self-expression is the core of who I am. I design fashion that challenges conventional beauty ideals, urging individuals to unabashedly embrace their weirdness. 

With the expertise of my bestie and business partner Jing Qi - a design powerhouse and fashion extraordinaire with a flawless sense of style and extensive background in the industry - we are two Chinese baddies watching our vision come to life, a dream we’ve been nurturing for years.

Nuwa is named after the ancient Chinese goddess 女娲, a half-human, half-snake being who represents malevolence and divinity. The brand’s soul intertwines my deep appreciation of my cultural background with a fascination of all things beautifully dark. Dive into this wicked dream with me. Let me be your entrancing darkness and your sweetest nightmare.